SIG publicly launched the 2022 Teddy Bear Parade campaign at the 2022 Gresham Arts Festival on July 16, 2022.  Thousands of enthusiastic Festival attendees passed by the SIG booth.  SIG members distributed Teddy Bear Parade flyers to recruit participants, volunteers and sponsors for the parade.  SIG members also educated the community on its Dream Programs, Live Your Dream and Dream it, Be It.  Sponsorships of the Teddy Bear Parade provide the primary funds that support SIG’s Dream programs.   SIG members also sold grilled hot dogs, freshly popped popcorn and cold water and soft drinks as a fundraiser for the club’s operating fund.

Thanks to the Gresham Arts Festival for the opportunity to join such a wonderful community event.  Thank you to Kayla (project leader extraordinaire), Mary Ellen, Donna, Patricia, Renee, Sharon, Peggy, Loretta, Tami (and Elliott), Susan, Alina, Lee and Carol who sacrificed over 60 combined hours of their time to make the event a great success.